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my role
This was initially a client project that I was hired to work on, in the end the project was too ambitious and the client didn't have the budget to go through with it which was a bit of a shame. So instead of scrapping the already done work I decided to invest some of my own time and money on this project and to document my process.

Research, Wireframes, Proto-types, User flows,
Visual design, Iconography, User-testing

To create a free to play game for android and IOS. I wanted to make something fun, challenging but still maintain the simplicity. As a gamer myself I know what sort of games I like to play but the even bigger challenge will be researching into what casual gamers like to play, what excites them and what makes them addicted to certain types of games.

I started to research online stores and took notes of user feedback, what they liked, hated and what made them frustrated. I found that a lot of people hated ads that intrusively restricted them and interrupted gameplay, so I made the decision there and then that this game will be completely ad free.
research - data charts
I collected lots of reviews over a period of weeks, both positive and negative from the online play and apple stores. I then gathered the data into charts to really understand my findings at a glance.
research - continued
I compiled a report of my findings. I really needed the game to be simple, and something a user could do to kill time for 10 – 20 mins. I also looked into the best technology to build this game on and based on some of my findings and relative to what I wanted to make unity was the go to platform. As I didn’t know unity very well but was familiar with it I decided to go on the hunt for a decent unity developer which I eventually found.

research - continued
Further research was carried out on the styling and art direction of the game. I designed a series of questionnaires for a few friends and gamers to provide me with the valuable data I needed. I created posts on social media and sent out emails, I also carried out interviews with friends to really understand what they were into at the time.

research - continued
The data was then quantified into data charts so I can better understand how to start building my personas and understanding my users.

research - empathy maps
Created a few empathy maps based on my collected data through, reviews, interviews and selected questions. These would slightly evolve over time but enabled me to come up with my four key personas.

research - define - personas
I then started to create my personas based the data collected. My demographic would be from age 12 to 36 years of age. I would know what they enjoy to play and how often they seem to play and when. I also was fully aware of some of their pain and pleasure points.
Based on the collected data during my research phase I began putting ideas and concepts together and coming up with user stories. I worked closely with my developer to understand what we can and cannot do with my budget. This process was interesting and I learned a lot during this phase of development.
ideation - continued
I created tons of rough sketches for this project. I started playing around with how the game could look, the mechanics, some logo ideas and Iconography. You name it I designed it. This process was very stressful as I was always showing my testers for early feedback on ideas and styles.
ideation - gamemap / flows
I needed to map out the entire game to get a complete overview and structure of the game. I also created specific user flows to understand how the user will play through the game map without any issues.
ideation - wireframes
A full set of the entire game’s wireframes were produced to better understand the games information architecture. These also went through several iterations to iron out any issues we encountered.
My testers / users had a huge impact on the design process too as they knew what interfaces they liked and didn’t. I played around a lot with the stomp colour palette and finally got feedback to what was aesthetically pleasing to them. During this phase also the key character got a few iterations along with many screens.
design - iconography
Created a huge library of icons / assets for stomp and also brought each one to life through the power of animation! I really enjoyed coming up with various design solutions for stomp's entire UI library.
design - iconography - standing out

testing - A/B
One major milestone of the project during testing, we found the motion of the character wasn’t developed as instructed, reactions were laggy and slow and this completely ruined the experience of the game. A decision was then made to find a developer that can code the elasticity we wanted in the character which was the biggest challenge of this project. Currently the character was quite rigid to control and this needed to change.

To cut a long story short the game was put on ice for a month till I found a reliable developer that could action what was needed. We carried out some split tests with the UI menus and combo system. I came up with 2 variations of each and observed my testers use them and got immediate feedback on what worked and didn’t.

testing - prototypes
Created and iterated on many proto-types. This started from initial paper prototypes, video demos and APKs. I also got involved in testing the feel and fluidity of the game along with my testers. Would like to thank the boys and girl because without them this game probably won’t have made it to final release.
end results
My first ever game was released and approved on both android and IOS online stores. It was a proud moment for me as so much effort when into making this. The 1st couple of months of release were pretty dead on downloads. I then opted to hire a ASO expert which then boosted my downloads and noticed that most of my users were coming from Asia China and 90% of them were apple users.

The analytics then prompted that another iteration was due to cater to my users so I reskinned the game UI to cater to a more cutsie look and feel which further boosted my downloads that now average between 1 – 2K downloads per month.

Alongside the main game itself I created promo materials such as stickers, a landing page and a micro website which went on to win many web awards due to it's interactive content. This then created awareness online about my game and gave me more downloads.

the application - android / IOS
The final game product being played by one of my testers. Stomp is an exciting, hectic hybrid tower defence slash platformer style game that engages the user in an endless battle of chaos. The game has a simple story as you play "stomp", protector of his world trying to stop enemy seeds from invading his planet. Don't let them reach the other side!
website - desktop
Designed a microsite for the stomp app to create awareness / promotional purposes. This website provided an interactive experience for the user, allowing them to discover more about the game.
website - desktop - still shots

promo - app trailer
A variety of promotional assets were created to promoted the Stomp game. Below is an example of the game trailer that was uploaded onto the online store to create awareness and excitement.
Research – Define – Ideate
– Design – Testing

Research (po/user interviews, contextual inquiries, surveys, analytics & user testing), personas, sketches, empathy map, user journeys, sitemaps, wireframes, flows, prototypes, design, etc.
Partial toolkit : Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Balsamiq, Sketch, Axure, XD, Frontify, Invision, Principle, etc.
John Jattoh is an experienced, multifaceted designer that specialises in UX . UI and motion.

He has worked on large scale projects with the likes of Metro & The AA and with top London agencies like Ogilvy, Wunderman & AKQA to name a few.
+44 (0) 7964 243 350 |
info @ johnjattoh.com |
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